• Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2015-03-17
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • ℗ 2015 Red Bull Records, Inc.


Play Title Time Download
Run 4:01  
Fat Face 3:33  
Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) 4:18  
Jailbreak 4:41  
Kookseverywhere!!! 4:07  
I Am 4:34  
Headrest for My Soul 2:08  
Dreamers 2:25  
Windows 3:37  
Holy Roller 3:58  
Woman Woman 3:37  
Lie Love Live Love 4:41  
Like People, Like Plastic 4:31  
Drinking Lightning 5:08  


  • 2:11

    By bl4kgoat
  • Oh Gosh

    By HTL3D
    A total slam dunk after their first album. This seems to be more cohesive and it’s obvious the band has a theme and direction with this project. It’s excellent, I love the story, I love the feelings every song gives me. It’s angry, powerful, emotional... just straight up amazing. Top 3 favorite songs off this album are “Kookseverywhere,” “Hollow Moon,” and “Like People, Like Plastic.” Honestly, I love every song and I can listen The the entire album without skipping or pausing and I’ve done it at least a dozen times.
  • Music lovers see this is their best album

    By BrandonElder44
    This album is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard musically. The structure of each song is a unique blend of electronic material and Aaron’s harsh to soft falsettos. In my opinion the tempo of this album is SO underrated. Just bc it wasn’t as fast as the first doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s calm it’s smooth and it works. I’ve listened to the album 500+ times
  • Pretty darn good

    By Vhrngj
    Think it's pretty darn good
  • Wish I listened to it before I bought it...

    By GracieGirl5757
    I really liked the first album, so I figured this one would be just as good. Boy was I wrong. I feel like this whole album was just thrown together, maybe because of some record deadlines? I tried listening to the whole thing a handful of times to see if the songs would grown on me, but they never did. I actually keep my apple TV remote on hand to fast forward whenever one of these songs plays when shuffling my whole library of music. Today I finally decided just to delet the whole album out of my library. I gave it almost two years to grow on me... This was the worst album I ever bought. I will never buy an album just becuse I think I like the artist again...
  • What Happened Here?

    By Head of the Dorks House
    Heard one song on radio and I loved it (Run), so it got me sampling the album. Ok, so I found literally a couple more I liked and bought. The rest??? Uhhhmmmmm, a big, boring, sleep inducing, let down. None of the wacky / choppy/ feel good/pop style they usually have had in past. Or even on the few songs from this album. I do not recommend buying the whole album. Definitely sample it first. That's what I did. But, I've seen bands in past have what I call a filler album, so maybe this is the case. Hopefully they'll get back on track next time.
  • Great

    By Elizacarb
    This album is really great. It sounds very similar to the first one so it's a good pick if you also liked their first album, but it's always a good choice to listen to the songs online first
  • Absolutely amazing!

    By TimSim420
    A vast improvement to the last album! Megalithic was amazing but this album has a more mature feel to it. The music is more evolved and progressive yet a lot of songs still hold to the pop sound that got them their fame. I gotta say my top three on the album are 1) Hollow Moon 2) Woman Woman 3) Like People, Like Plastic At the very least purchase these 3 songs but honestly just go ahead and buy the whole album and listen to it from beginning to end. It's an amazing musical voyage through Aaron's complex mind
  • I hope this band is immortal

    By ominous, a
    They are a treasure to my ears. I have not found a really great artist that I appreciate every song from in an incredibly long time. There is some serious talent here.
  • Sophomore spectacular!

    By Bartacuss
    My favorite album of 2015!

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