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Official STARSET Merchandise: From the album Vessels - available now iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Apple Music: Spotify: CD/Vinyl: Directed by: Dustin Bates for The Starset Society SPREAD THE MESSAGE: Information on upcoming tours and demonstrations at LYRICS And if I had my way I would run to the rescue It never works that way When you call a bluff All the fools rush in It's a battle to surround you And all the fools want in But I'm not giving up I don't wanna let you go But I can't stand to watch this I don't wanna let you know But you can read my mind. I feel it all the time. Felt it all around you You had me under spell right from the start But I don't have a telepathic heart Telepathic Blind, I fall into the line That's waiting just to get you But I don't ever know just what we are I don't have a telepathic heart Telepathic Look inside my brain You know what I want before I tell you Give me the words to say To make it enough Don't want your star-crossed fate You are the sun I am the full moon Don't leave me lost in vain I can be what you want And you always turn away Back to the start when I break through You can run you can run away I will wait in the dark for you Shoulda never fell this way Cause you're the sun and I'm just a moon I'm in the dark 'till you light the way Cause I'm see through