3 MILLION FISH at this Koi Fish Farm. [Tour]

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Over 3 million fish here. Hazorea Aquatics Farm was nice enough to host us. We only had about an hour here which is not much time for filming. It was amazing to visit a facility where the maintain bio security. Our cameras and arms etc were sterilized with alcohol. We had to wear plastic covers over our shoes and legs. This farm has over 3 million koi. This is an impressive amount. The clarity of the water, the sizes of the filtration, the huge race ways filled with water that connected the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, no expense was spared in caring for these fish. While I was there I saw them mixing gelatin and vitamins and spraying pellet food in a cement mixer to further enhance vitamins for these fish. Koi and carp in general are an excitable fish. Whenever we walked by them they would get very excited and cluster up and beg for food. The ponds were very deep to where we couldn't see the bottom, going much below the ground we walked on. They were also very long as well, seemed to be 40-50 feet long each. Originally I said I was going to make a video to defend against the internet saying it's cruel etc. I decided instead to highlight the farm and show what was cool. I would simply explain in the description and those who choose to read it would understand. This fish farm in Israel, prides themselves on high quality. Sparing no expense so that they can provide koi all over the world. I myself would have no problem buying koi from this farm and importing them. I'm sure from only what is shown on video you may have a different opinion. I can say for sure that being there in person and meeting the people responsible all doubt would be removed. ➡️Don't Miss Out on More Tips ➡️ https://goo.gl/j9YSzy 🌿🌿 Learn about planted aquariums 🌿🌿 http://bit.ly/2ZTyp7d Online Store - We sell live plants and aquarium supplies shipped quickly and with care to your door in the USA. FREE SHIPPING over $49 and flat rate shipping of $4.99 Under. http://bit.ly/2G0lgPD 📹📹Wednesday Night Live Streams 📹📹 http://bit.ly/2Lel7xV We quarantine all of our fish and recommend you should as well. We have developed a trio of meds that pretty much treats everything and is safe for your plants, shrimp, snails and fish. http://bit.ly/2J3sd5y #Aquariumcoop #Aquariumfish #Fishtank On the Aquarium Co-Op aquarium channel we focus on freshwater fish, tropical fish, aquatic plants and in general all freshwater aquariums. Our goal is to help take your pet fish and graduate you to an aquarium hobbyist. Aquarium fish in general we find are a great way to learn about ecosystems. Your fish aquarium will reconnect you with nature. If you'd like to take it to the next level, subscribe to aquariumcoop and check out our weekly videos. ✅Get Member Status on Youtube ► http://bit.ly/2MeT9nh Cory is employed by Aquarium Co-Op LLC. He also owns Aquarium Co-Op LLC. Therefore technically all content is sponsored by Aquarium Co-Op