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MORE: Detailed Philips Lifeline home medical alert system review. Watch live test calls and see if it works well for seniors and other customers. Philips Lifeline HomeSafe Medical Alert What's Included in the Package First, let's look at the HomeSafe Standard package. The main items are a base communicator unit and an emergency help button. Users can choose to wear a Help Button pendant around the neck, or else opt for a wristband style Help Button. Customers get to select either one or the other depending on their preference. Detailed Philips Lifeline Review: How It Works Elderly users can initiate an alarm call by pressing the help button. Alternatively, they can also activate an alarm call by pressing this red button on the side of the communicator unit here. The communicator unit includes a highly sensitive microphone and loudspeaker to faciliate two-way conversations. Test Call 1 Phone connection set up through a cable phone line. The help button was pressed. It sent a signal to the communicator unit to call the Lifeline response center through the connected phone line. A response associate answered through the speaker on the communicator unit. This test call was successfully completed. See video. Test Call 2 The risk of seniors slipping and falling in bathrooms is higher than usual. We tested the help button by putting it under a shower and then immersing it in water. This test call was successfully completed. See video. In Summary The Philips Lifeline service works well. Besides their basic in-home medical alert, they have other products like a fall detection AutoAlert pendant and a mobile GPS and in-home alert system combo called GoSafe. For people looking to get a medical alert system, their services are definitely worth checking out. Learn more and compare Lifeline with other medical alert companies on at