Building 429 - Where I Belong [New Song 2011]


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Artist: Building 429 Album: Listen To The Sound Release Date: May 10th 2011 Style: Rock / Pop / Contemporary Label: INO Records Location: Nashville, TN Tracklist: 1. Made For You 2. Right Beside You 3. One Foot 4. Listen To The Sound 5. War Zone 6. Where I Belong 7. You Save Me 8. Walls Are Coming Down 9. Love Has Been Spoken 10. Awaken Us I would start by saying that Building 429 is one of my favorite bands.Their Space in Between Us album is one of my favorite albums and their other stuff is just amazing as well. They are truly a band worthy of being named after Ephesians 4:29 as their excellent music is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Their music builds me up and i have a strong feeling that this album will not be an exception. Any believer (or any person really) should get this album in their music collection when it comes out on May 10. Hear below some previews of a few songs that are going to compose the track-listing of this album. The CD is going to be great. I'm looking forward to this album. Well done Building 429, keep it real! "Listen To The Sound" is the title track of the record for many reasons. It's a catchy little tune, but it also embodies the thought process of the record in many ways. This record is realistic, yet hopeful, honest, yet fun, and if there was one phrase that we felt brought the most hope in our current lives, it was the title of this song. Why listen to the sound? Because most of us are so busy talking, social networking, and working that we have lost the ability to hear the voice of God. Not because He's not talking, but maybe because we just don't shut up long enough to hear what he has to say. Economic downturns have put our world into a frenzied pace that leaves little time for solitude and listening. But if we could stop for just 15 minutes, slow down and listen, maybe we would be able to hear the voice of God saying, "my grace is sufficient for you". Isn't that just the thing we need? All of our hard work and building a better life for the last 20 years brought us to... economic crisis? Aren't we the wealthiest country in the world? Isn't there an American dream out there? It's interesting that even with all of our prosperity we still want more. There's a line in this song that God blessed me with that I think is HUGE. It says: "You'll never know what faith is, till you don't understand / Sometimes it takes the silence to finally hear HIS plan / So listen to the sound of Hope that's rising" That's what this record is about. Hope rising over your old horizon... so listen to the sound. - Jason Roy