Tool - H (Updated multi-cam drum cover)

Matthew Kahler

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Got me a nice new camera setup, along with new cymbals and other cool shit... so I figured it was time to recover a polished new version of H. by Tool. This song is alot of fun... if you can get down the bridge in the middle. I hadn't seen anyone on youtube preform the bridge correctly, so I wanted to be the first :) I took a lot of time slowing it down, tabbing it out and then memorizing it. Some of the most interesting drumming on Aenima is the electronic percussion that Danny does (ex. this bridge, the bridge from Pushit, the intro to Eulogy, etc. etc.) and people rarely play those parts when covering his work. For shame. Learn that shit drummers. Its sounds great and it helps your 4 way coordination big time. Been playing about 4 and a half years Live from the CrossFit Envy storage closet.