God's Country for 10 Hours from Blake Shelton


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The poem line with the M9 isn't suppose to have the "a" in thereit got mixed around by mistake. Silly grammer error :P Welcome to my video! Can you run this 10 hour gauntlet challenge? Instructions for song requests: As your own standard comment, (not a reply to my own or someone else’s) put the name of the song you’d like and who it is by. Please check the 10 hour video playlist on the channel before making a request because there are starting to be quite a few songs people are asking for that I already did or did and was block. Both should be visible on the list. If you want to see the poem I made in this video let the song play through once and it will show up for the second song. Or click on this link 3:22 (and no, it’s not the lyrics to the song…) I’ll also try to post the time link in the top of the comments section. If not interested I hope you enjoy this song for 10 hours, Because the channel is growing and there are a lot of comments I might miss yours so make sure to comment on the next video for it. Once I give your comment a heart that means that I have seen the request and I have it on the list of songs to do and have also taken a screenshot of it. Putting the name of any of my poems and giving your thoughts on it will help you move up the list 😊 I like to remake the lyrics in a type of, “what if this song was made for Christ” line of thinking. I don’t make any of the ad revenue for all the videos I make because I don’t own the music or the art, I just own the poetry. I try to leave the logos on the art I use to give credit to where I found the images. (I have over 1k art works on my laptop captured over the years I couldn’t possibly track all of them. Sorry if you couldn’t find it on your own. If I did find the link it will be posted below.) If you would like to help make more videos happen by donating to my Patreon it will go to the good cause of sending missionaries on trips overseas helping those in need in third world counties. I make my videos to help support my efforts to go on mission trips so donating anything will help the people I share Jesus with! :D I found the artwork for this video! (At least one of them) Art http://bit.ly/2JLHr1Z Support more videos on my Patreon! patreon.com/BlackSmithWolf Or to donate to help support my sponsor child in India you can give to my paypal [email protected] or donate directly to Good News for Asia if you’d like to. :) Thanks for watching! :D Artwork https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/70750094 All my poetry https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v5q2lbbD4dQCrKT_B4LhSc6TaWZ96yM97pv0JtnUrgw/edit?usp=sharing I do not own any of the music or artwork shown. All copy righted work belongs to their rightful owners. If you want a copy of any of the art you see in this channel, leave a comment and I will be happy to email one to you. I have nearly 1000 pictures/artworks on my computer so I lost track of where I got them all, but if you view the channels I am subscribed to you can see where I get them.