Jon Cozart (Paint) - Vidcon 2014 - Full Stage Performance


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Whats Up YouTube!? It's Brandumful Here!! This is a video of Jon Cozart, otherwise known as Paint, and his full stage performance at Vidcon 2014. In this video Jon sings his new song After Ever After 2. I would like to also note that I am in no way trying to take credit for the song or music that you hear in this video. The song and music belong to Jon Cozart, and if you would like to hear more of his amazing voice or just look at his beautiful face, then you can go subscribe to him right here. Paint: I will happily continue to upload videos from this years VidCon for your viewing enjoyment! For you to either relive what you saw or experience what you missed. If you want more of my face then you can find me here Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Brandumful Vine: Brandumful Thanks so much for watching this video, remember to Subscribe, Like,and comment! ~Your Friend Brandumful