AGA 江海迦【Tonight】Full Orchestral 管弦樂版 Cover | Claudia 東晴

Claudia Koh

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我看到一個奇蹟般的夢幻畫面。遺忘已久的愛,Tonight令我尋回了。 從沒想過我可以真的那麼愛一個人。 我拿起我的筆,寫下了 “I never thought I can love someone so much” 的第一句詞。 Y.Siu係編曲大神!! 我同佢講一聲夢幻感覺 佢編咗成個orchestra出黎😱 你好癲呀 多謝你同我一齊癲呀❤ 呀肥,多謝你 拍得越來越靚 我知你放咗好多心機去plan+拍+剪片 辛苦你💙 原來三個臭皮匠 勝過一個Claudia😂大家繼續努力加油! AGA 江海迦【Tonight】Cover Cover:Claudia 東晴 @claudia.koh 編曲:Y.Siu @y.siuiuiuiu Mixing:Claudia English Lyrics:Claudia 導演/剪片:呀肥 @ronaldxkahei Like. Share. Subscribe. IG: @claudia.koh FB: Claudia Koh 許東晴 歌詞 Lyrics: 記住這刻細節與感覺 直到一百歲 在腦海中你面容以及眼神 握不碎 你抱我那反應溶入我的脊髓 到消失知覺隨你在漲退 I will always love you till I die 停留細緻的配樂裡 和弦震盪記憶於生命裡 場地 時辰 顏色跟氣溫 夠我記低最重要是誰 有你有了所需 Tonight Tonight 這一晚活得短而無限暖 愛你 愛你多麼渺小志願 Tonight Tonight 忘記一生每幕片段 這一晚每一分鐘也直達永遠 Remember when the stars came out we lied down for the first time Little did we know this turned out to be something divine What we’ve been through, hide and seek You and I still believe That all our troubles only add into our memories Summer, reminds the day I first met you Winter air breeze through We held our hands together under the starlight In life Ups and downs, spinning around Don’t matter coz they fade away when I Look into your eyes Tonight Tonight I want the world to know how good you are My heart Still moves whenever I look at your face I pray That our love will never change Coz’ I never thought I can love someone so much this way