Chris Cornell at his Vocal Peak

Wilander Mascrenhas

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The Lion has passed away now. Rock N' Roll is now truly dead. No band has had the balls to play music as loud and heavy as Soundgarden, yet they never got the attention they deserved. They never gave a fuck about fame. All they did was write music and they were pretty fuckin' good at it. They have had a very versatile catalogue of all kinds of music from Sludge metal, punk rock, psychedelic rock, heavy metal, garage rock, hard rock, doom metal, stoner rock, progressive rock, classic rock, grunge (if that's even a thing). Very few bands have explored so many musical landscapes. The name really suits them very well. Now it's high time people really bat their eyes towards their massive catalogue, since the untimely demise of this legendary act has come.. Rest In Peace Chris Cornell. Your voice will rain down in the heavens forever. Soundgarden - Beyond The Wheel [Seattle 1990, Bumbershoot festival] Click here to watch the full show