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MEDITATION ENERGY NETWORK Braham kumaris Raja yoga Meditation Satrangi Rajyog Dhyan Use headphones for greater results Violet-photon rays of Shiva Baba, my Supreme Child now fills my violet photon-field of Bliss...I experience Supreme Bliss ...These bliss-rays now spread over to the corporeal world filling the violet fields of millions of souls there ... These violet rays of Shiva Baba now unite to form strong violet waves of bliss that spread over the entire universe...As a result people become free from fears, sorrow and tension... The indigo photon rays of Truth and Knowledge, from the Supreme Teacher Shiv Baba fill my indigo-field of Truth...of Knowledge...I know the beginning, the middle and the end of the cycle... My third eye of Knowledge has opened, I know the three aspects of time, and I have knowledge of the three worlds...These rays of Truth and Knowledge spread to the corporeal world, filling the intellects and the indigo fields of millions of souls...These souls now see the Truth and have the same Knowledge as I...they all turn to Shiv Baba to learn more... The blue photon-rays of Peace from the Supreme Mother, Shiva Baba illuminate my blue photon-field...I experience supreme peace ...these peace-rays now spill over to the corporeal world after filling my peace-field...The peace-fields of millions of souls get illuminated with the blue photons of Peace from Shiva Baba ...These souls too experience extreme peace...Soon their peace-fields get filled and start overflowing ...and create strong waves of Peace in the universe giving much relief to peace-less souls... The green-photon rays of spiritual love emanating from Shiva Baba, my Supreme Consort, are illuminating my green field of spiritual Love...I experience the pure selfless love of God, my Supreme Consort... these green photons now reach the corporeal world, illuminate the green Love-fields of millions...These souls too get filled soon ...start overflowing and create strong green waves of spiritual Love...erasing hatred, anger and violence... The yellow-rays of supra sensory Joy from Shiva Baba, my Supreme Companion now fills my yellow photon field of Joy...I am swinging with pure spiritual joy ...these joy-rays of Shiva Baba now reach the corporeal world... illuminate the joy-fields of millions...these too start overflowing now... creating strong waves of spiritual joy...that erases the gloom and installs the smile on millions of faces... Now, orange-rays of Purity form my Supreme Preceptor, the Spiritual Guide illuminate my orange-field of Purity...I experience the strength of purity in me ...these rays now overflow into the corporeal world, illuminate the orange-fields of purity in millions...these souls experience the strength of purity...These orange-rays now create strong waves of purity in the universe, erasing the impurities of the souls... Now I see the red photon-rays of Almighty Supreme Father, Shiva Baba illuminating my red photon-field...I am getting charged with spiritual powers...become Master Almighty...These red might- rays now spread to the corporeal world, illuminate the power fields of millions of souls there ...Red might- rays of Shiva Baba now unite to create strong red might-waves strengthening the weak and powerless souls... I have now become an embodiment of all the seven basic attributes...I now return to the corporeal world replete with all the basic spiritual energies and occupy my seat within the brain to become embodied or Dehi again. ...My sub-conscious mind (Sanskara) being filled with all the basic attributes, brings only positive thoughts in my mind...My intellect and mind are filled with divine virtues now, my belief systems, my attitudes, all have become positive...Spiritual and human values are reflected in all my interactions with other souls now .... Subscribe to our channel and be updated with our latest tracks! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQhb1ODyrI9LwfO16OBn04g MEDITATION ENERGY NETWORK has a strong community on social media. We love to interact with our subscribers and fans, and appreciate your comments to help us improve our music channel.