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FamousxKim Open Safe Remix E.P coming soon!!!! Instagram Famousxkim Twitter Kim_swaggin44 We grinding to the top if you not coming with us then stop!!!! FamousxGang 4 Life!!!! Shoutout Lil Wayne Check out my debut single Goals Lyrics I bring the heat like I’m straight from Miami give me bout 2 years I’m going straight for the Grammy never fake never front keep it real like I’m Tammy yea I started in the D the destination is Cali and I’m hot like the valley and the score imma tally keep some cats rolling with me and they straight from the alley they ask if I got bars yea more than bill Cosby they ask can I be stopped I said who gonna stop me yea I might sound cocky keep the ice like it’s hockey wrist on ASAP keep that shit looking rocky I ain’t get my way yet I’m down to ride like I’m Bonnie I ain’t make my play yet I’m the coach like Lombardi I’m getting to the money yea I’m getting to the cake and when I win big imma put it in yo face you tried to stunt on me but you failed like you Vince I’ll run you outta town change yo name like you prince i ain’t get a chance to spend a mil yet I’m trynna put my name on a building trynna be the first person to hit a zillion so imma stack this money til I’m done living til I’m down breathing tell I’m down being the best version of me so y’all ain’t done seeing me killing the beat on some this is me shit do you believe this I’m coming for the crown and I ain’t leaving